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Britain, 17, New Zealand, Mummy to be <3


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(by sesame ellis)

I’m so happy to announce that I’m expecting a BABY BOY!!
Due 22/08/2014, he’s super healthy and growing really fast!
Noah Dominic James Deavin-Clifton, my baby boy &lt;3
Another one that had been taken by my Mum again. I&#8217;ve had hate for my first one and it got reported on facebook as pornography which did hurt but I kept strong and held my head up because I am proud, a proud Mum to be and I love my baby with all my heart.
2 days to go &lt;3
18 week maternity photo that my beautiful Mum took.
Taken Monday morning and I&#8217;m 19 weeks on Friday.
I feel beautiful.
18 weeks today!
7 days till I fond out the sex of my beautiful wee one!
154 days till I get to hold you in my arms, smile at you and tell you how much I love you!